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23 July, 2001 (Mon.)


17:00-20:00       Registration at the Hotel New Grand


18:00-20:00       Ice Breaker at Admiral Perry's Room, the Hotel New Grand



24 July, 2001 (Tue.)


8:30-9:00          Registration and the Display of Posters


Opening of the Symposium

Chairperson: Shigeo Sahto (Japan)


9:00-9:20          Opening Addresses by JST, IAEA, and EC


Foundation of Isotopomer Symposium and Environmental Scope

Chairpersons : Naohiro Yoshida (Japan) & Thomas Röckman (Germany)



1          Isotopomers as a Frontier of Isotope Studies

Naohiro Yoshida (Japan)



2         The Strategy for Mitigating Global Warming and the Role of Science

Yoichi Kaya (Japan)


Advances in Measurement of Isotopomers 1

Chairpersons : Naohiro Yoshida (Japan) & Thomas Röckman (Germany)



3          High Resolution Mass Spectrometer for Isotopomer Analysis

Takashi Baba (Japan), H. Nagano, I. Waki, K. Kimura, M. Sakairi, H. Koizimi, Y. Kato, T. Mimura, Y. Taguchi, N. Minakawa, N. Yoshida


10:35-10:40       Symposium Photograph


10:40-11:00       Coffee Break


Advances in Measurement of Isotopomers 2

Chairpersons : Kiyoji Uehara (Japan) & Todd Sowers (USA)



4          Accurate Determination of the 2H/1H, 17O/16O, and 18O/16O Isotope Ratios in Water by Means of Infrared Laser Spectroscopy

Erik Kerstel (The Netherlands), R. van Trigt, H. A. J. Meijer



5          Site-Specified Nitrogen Isotopic Ratio Measurements of Nitrous Oxide Using a Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer

Kiyoji Uehara (Japan), Kazushige Yamamoto, Tomoyuki Kikugawa, Naohiro Yoshida




6          Catching Rare Atoms with Light

Zheng-Tian Lu (USA), Kevin Bailey, Xu Du, Yimin Li, Thomas P. OfConnor, Linda Young


7          Advances in the Use of Pyrolysis Continuous Flow-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry in Food Authenticity

Christopher N. Rhodes (UK), Simon D. Kelly, Janice H. Lofthouse, I. Dominic Anderson, Christine E. Burwood, Paul Brereton


12:40-14:00       Lunch


14:00-15:40       Poster 1 (odd numbers) Core Time


Environmental Observations 1

Chairpersons : Kiyoji Uehara (Japan) & Todd Sowers (USA)



8          Isotopic Measurements of 2H and 18O from Atmospheric Water Vapor by GC-IRMS

Dominic F. Ferretti (USA), J.W.C. White



9          Isotopomeric Analysis of Environmental Trace Gases by FTIR Spectrometry:N2O, CH4, CO2 and H2O

David Griffith (Austraria), Stephen Wilson, Fred Turatti, Michael Esler, and Ian Jamie



10        Reconstruction of 13CH4 Atmospheric Trends Over the Last 150 Years, Using Firn Air and Polar Ice Records.  Consequences on Methane Sources Evolution

Olivier Aballain (France), Jérôme Chappellaz, Maya Bräunlich, Todd Sowers, T. Marik



11                 Extending Records of the Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric N2O Back to 1900 A.D. from Air Trapped in Snow at South Pole

Todd Sowers (USA), Amy Rodebaugh, Naohiro Yoshida, Sakae Toyoda



25 July, 2001 (Wed.)


Theory and Simulation of Isotopomer Fractionations 1    

Chairpersons : Mark Thiemens (USA) & Sourendra K. Bhattacharya (India)



12        Theory and Experiment for the Strange and Unconventional Isotopic Effects in Ozone Formation

Rudolph A. Marcus (USA)



13        Non Mass Dependent Oxygen Isotopic Fractionation : A Numerical Application to the Ozone Isotopomer Specific Rate Coefficients.

François Robert (France), C. Camy-Reyret



14        Classical and Quasi-Classical Trajectory Calculations of Ozone Isotopomer Formation and Exchange in O + O2 Collisions

Thomas A. Baker, Gregory I. Gellene (USA)



10:40-11:00       Coffee Break


Theory and Simulation of Isotopomer Fractionations 2

Chairpersons : Mark Thiemens (USA) & Sourendra K. Bhattacharya (India)