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23 July, 2001 (Mon.)


17:00-20:00       Registration at the Hotel New Grand


18:00-20:00       Ice Breaker at Admiral Perry's Room, the Hotel New Grand



24 July, 2001 (Tue.)


8:30-9:00          Registration and the Display of Posters


Opening of the Symposium

Chairperson: Shigeo Sahto (Japan)


9:00-9:20          Opening Addresses by JST, IAEA, and EC


Foundation of Isotopomer Symposium and Environmental Scope

Chairpersons : Naohiro Yoshida (Japan) & Thomas Röckman (Germany)



1          Isotopomers as a Frontier of Isotope Studies

Naohiro Yoshida (Japan)



2         The Strategy for Mitigating Global Warming and the Role of Science

Yoichi Kaya (Japan)


Advances in Measurement of Isotopomers 1

Chairpersons : Naohiro Yoshida (Japan) & Thomas Röckman (Germany)



3          High Resolution Mass Spectrometer for Isotopomer Analysis

Takashi Baba (Japan), H. Nagano, I. Waki, K. Kimura, M. Sakairi, H. Koizimi, Y. Kato, T. Mimura, Y. Taguchi, N. Minakawa, N. Yoshida


10:35-10:40       Symposium Photograph


10:40-11:00       Coffee Break


Advances in Measurement of Isotopomers 2

Chairpersons : Kiyoji Uehara (Japan) & Todd Sowers (USA)



4          Accurate Determination of the 2H/1H, 17O/16O, and 18O/16O Isotope Ratios in Water by Means of Infrared Laser Spectroscopy

Erik Kerstel (The Netherlands), R. van Trigt, H. A. J. Meijer



5          Site-Specified Nitrogen Isotopic Ratio Measurements of Nitrous Oxide Using a Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometer

Kiyoji Uehara (Japan), Kazushige Yamamoto, Tomoyuki Kikugawa, Naohiro Yoshida




6          Catching Rare Atoms with Light

Zheng-Tian Lu (USA), Kevin Bailey, Xu Du, Yimin Li, Thomas P. OfConnor, Linda Young


7          Advances in the Use of Pyrolysis Continuous Flow-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry in Food Authenticity

Christopher N. Rhodes (UK), Simon D. Kelly, Janice H. Lofthouse, I. Dominic Anderson, Christine E. Burwood, Paul Brereton


12:40-14:00       Lunch


14:00-15:40       Poster 1 (odd numbers) Core Time


Environmental Observations 1

Chairpersons : Kiyoji Uehara (Japan) & Todd Sowers (USA)



8          Isotopic Measurements of ƒÂ2H and ƒÂ18O from Atmospheric Water Vapor by GC-IRMS

Dominic F. Ferretti (USA), J.W.C. White



9          Isotopomeric Analysis of Environmental Trace Gases by FTIR Spectrometry:N2O, CH4, CO2 and H2O

David Griffith (Austraria), Stephen Wilson, Fred Turatti, Michael Esler, and Ian Jamie



10        Reconstruction of ƒÂ13CH4 Atmospheric Trends Over the Last 150 Years, Using Firn Air and Polar Ice Records.  Consequences on Methane Sources Evolution

Olivier Aballain (France), Jérôme Chappellaz, Maya Bräunlich, Todd Sowers, T. Marik



11                 Extending Records of the Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric N2O Back to 1900 A.D. from Air Trapped in Snow at South Pole

Todd Sowers (USA), Amy Rodebaugh, Naohiro Yoshida, Sakae Toyoda



25 July, 2001 (Wed.)


Theory and Simulation of Isotopomer Fractionations 1    

Chairpersons : Mark Thiemens (USA) & Sourendra K. Bhattacharya (India)



12        Theory and Experiment for the Strange and Unconventional Isotopic Effects in Ozone Formation

Rudolph A. Marcus (USA)



13        Non Mass Dependent Oxygen Isotopic Fractionation : A Numerical Application to the Ozone Isotopomer Specific Rate Coefficients.

François Robert (France), C. Camy-Reyret



14        Classical and Quasi-Classical Trajectory Calculations of Ozone Isotopomer Formation and Exchange in O + O2 Collisions

Thomas A. Baker, Gregory I. Gellene (USA)



10:40-11:00       Coffee Break


Theory and Simulation of Isotopomer Fractionations 2

Chairpersons : Mark Thiemens (USA) & Sourendra K. Bhattacharya (India)



15        Oxygen Isotopic Anomaly in Surface Assisted Ozone Dissociation

Subrata Chakraborty (India), Sourendra K. Bhattacharya



16        Mass Independent Isotopic Compositions Observed in Nature

Mark H. Thiemens (USA)



17        CO + OH: The Experimental Relative Reaction Rate of Five Isotopomers and a Semi-Classical Scattering Model

Karen L. Feilberg, Stig R. Sellevåg, Claus J. Nielsen, Gert Due Billing, Matthew S. Johnson (Denmark)



18        The Origin of the Anomalous or "Mass-Independent" Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in Atmospheric N2O

Thomas Röckmann (Germany), Jan Kaiser, John N. Crowley, Carl A. M. Brenninkmeijer, Paul J. Crutzen


12:40-14:00       Lunch


14:00-15:40       Poster 2 (even numbers) Core Time


Environmental Observations 2

Chairpersons : Anatoly M. Zyakun (Russia) & Eitaro Wada (Japan)



19        Influence of the O(1D) Sink on Isotopic Enrichment of Stratospheric Nitrous Oxide and 2D Model Simulations of N2O Photochemistry

Jan Kaiser (Germany), Thomas Röckmann, C. Brühl, Carl A. M. Brenninkmeijer



20        Potential Use of the Non-Random Distribution of N2 and N2O Mole Masses in the Atmosphere as a Tool for Tracing Atmospheric Mixing and Isotope Fractionation Processes

Reinhard Well (Germany), Reinhard Langel, August Reineking



21        Measurements of the D/H Ratio of CH4 by GC/TC/IRMS

Keita Yamada (Japan), Yoko Ozaki, Fumiko Nakagawa, Naohiro Yoshida, Haruo Tsuruta, Shigeto Sudo, Claude Guillou, Giovanni Bidoglio



22        Homogeneity of Isotope Distribution of Polyisotopic Elements in the Isotopomer Molecule Pools and Its Deviations

Anatoly M. Zyakun (Russia), Carl A. M. Brenninkmeijer


18:00-20:00       Banquet at Rainbow Room, the Hotel New Grand




26.Jul, 2001 (Thu.)


Applications for Food Analysis

Chairpersons : Claude Guillou (Italy) & Masahiro Kajiwara (Japan)



23        Site-Specific Natural Isotope Fractionation Studied by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (SNIF-NMR)

Gerard J. Martin (France)



24        From the Isotope Ratios to the Isotopomers. Application to the Study of Organic Molecules and to the Control of Food Products

Claude Guillou (Italy), Fabiano Reniero, Margaret Holland, Andrew Burke, Giovanni Fronza, Claudio Fuganti


10:15-10:35       Coffee Break


Biomedical Applications

Chairpersons : Claude Guillou (Italy) & Masahiro Kajiwara (Japan)



25        Fundamentals, Prerequisites and Realisations of In-Vivo Non-Statistical Isotope Distributions in Natural Compounds.

Hanns-Ludwig Schmidt (Germany)



26        An Enzymatic Strategy for High Precision N-PSIA in Amino Acids

Nabil M. R. Saad, Bassem Ziadeh, J. Thomas Brenna (USA),



27        ‚ledical Application of Carbon Thirteen

Masahiro Kajiwara (Japan)



28        Use of Multiple Stable Isotope Labelling for Metabolic Investigations in Infants and Children: New Applications

Virgilio P. Carnielli (UK), Federica Rosso, Giuseppe Giordano, Tamara Badon, Francesca Tormena, Roberta Pesavento, Luc J. I. Zimmermann, Paola E. Cogo


12:40-14:00       Lunch


Environmental Observations 3

Chairpersons : Nathaniel Ostrom (USA) & Takeshi Nakatsuka (Japan)



29        15N Natural Abundance of Plants and Soils in 25-Year Old Forest on Mountain Slopes: Implications to Ecological Rehabilitation of Degraded Highlands of Ethiopia by Afforestation

Zewdu Eshetu (South Africa)



30        The Stable Isotopic Composition of O2: A Tracer of Primary Production, Respiration and Pathways of N2O Oxide Formation

Nathaniel Ostrom (USA), Peggy H. Ostrom, Mary E. Russ, Amanda Field, Brian Popp, Marian Westley



31        Sources and Isotopic Compositions of Nitrous Oxide in the Subtropical North Pacific and the Eastern Tropical North Pacific

Marian B. Westley (USA), Brian N. Popp, Terri M. Rust, Francis J. Sansone



32        Vertical Distribution of Dissolved N2O Isotopomers in the North Pacific

Sakae Toyoda (Japan), Naohiro Yoshida, Tatsuya Miwa, Yohei Matsui, Urumu Tsunogai, Yukihiro Nojiri, Nobuo Tsurushima


15:40-16:00       Closing Remarks          


Poster Presentations

Posters 1 (odd) and Poster 2 (even) are to be Displayed from 24 Morning to 26 Morning                              

P1        ƒÂD Analysis of Methane by Absorption Spectroscopy

Kazushige Yamamoto (Japan), Kiyoji Uehara, Tomoyuki Kikugawa, Naohiro Yoshida


P2        GC-IRMS Measurement of the Isotopic Ratio of Hydrogen in Atmospheric Methane

Dominic Ferretti (USA), K. Maek, J. W. C. White           


P3        Determination of Intramolecular Carbon Isotopic Composition of Acetic Acid at Nanomolar Levels Using CF-IRMS

Misato Tanaka (Japan), Keita Yamada, Fumiko Nakagawa, Naohiro Yoshida


P4        A Method for the Measurement of Dissolved Nitrous Oxide Isotopomers in Natural Waters

Hiroaki Yamagishi (Japan), Tatsuya Miwa, Sakae Toyoda, Urumu Tsunogai, Naohiro Yoshida


P5        Photolysis of Nitrous Oxide Isotopomers Studied by Time-Dependent Hermite Propagation

Matthew S. Johnson (Denmark), Gert Due Billing


P6        A Study on the Loss Processes of N2O in the Stratosphere by Isotopomer Analysis

Taichiro Urabe (Japan), Sakae Toyoda, Naohiro Yoshida, Takakiyo Nakazawa, Shuji Aoki, Hideyuki Honda


P7        Analysis of Isotopomer Compositions of Nitrous Oxide from Combustion Source

Mitsuteru Ogawa (Japan), Naohiro Yoshida


P8        Isotopomer Compositions of Nitrous Oxide with Adipic Acid Production

Mitsuteru Ogawa (Japan), Naohiro Yoshida


P9        Pressure Effect in Ozone Formation by UV Photolysis of Oxygen

Sourendra K. Bhattacharya (India), Subrata Chakraborty, Joel Savarino, Mark H. Thiemens


P10      Partial Pressure Dependency of Isotope Ratio of Oxygen Molecule in Mass Spectrometry

Osamu  Abe (Japan), Naohiro Yoshida


P11       Observation of the Stratospheric O3 Isotopes by SMILES

Kenshi Takahashi (Japan), Tomoko Shirai, Hiroyuki Ozeki, Yasuko Kasai, Masato Shiotani, SMILES Mission Team


P12      The H/D Kinetic Isotope Effects in the Reactions of Cl(2Pj) with Methanes, Ethanes, and Propanes

Kenshi Takahashi (Japan), Kanami Hitsuda, Yutaka Matsumi


P13      Intramolecular Stable Isotope Ratios of Dissolved N2O in Lake Biwa.

Narin Boontanon (Japan), Shingo Ueda, Eitaro Wada


P14       Distribution of Dissolved N2O Isotopomers in the Coastal Adriatic Sea and the Goro Lagoon, Northern East Italy

Yohei Matsui (Japan), Giovanni Bidoglio, Fabrizio Sena, Tatsuya Miwa, Takeshi Egashira, Sakae Toyoda, Naohiro Yoshida


P15      Geochemical Cycle of Nitrous Oxide in the Atmosphere-Ocean-Land System Based on the Nitrogen Stable Isotope Ratios

Masao   Sorai (Japan), Masamichi Ishikawa, Naohiro Yoshida


P16      Monitoring of Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide and Its Isotopic Composition

Valerie   Gros, Thomas Röckmann (Germany), Patrick Jöckel, Carl A. M. Brenninkmeijer


P17      Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Systematic of CO in Urban Atmosphere

Urumu Tsunogai (Japan), Yousuke Hachisu, Daisuke D. Komatsu, Toshitaka Gamo, Fumiko Nakagawa, Naohiro Yoshida


P18      Stable Isotopic Studies of Carbon Monoxide in Seawater

Fumiko Nakagawa (Japan), Urumu Tsunogai, Toshitaka Gamo, Naohiro Yoshida


P19      A Density Functional Theory Study of Carbon Isotope Effects in the System                 (1) [Cu(I)(NH3)3(CO)]+ + CO and (2) Carbamate + CO2

Yuriko Ono (Japan), Susumu Kawauchi, Tei Saburi, Jinzhou Du, Yasuhiko Fujii, Takanobu Ishida


P20      Carbon Isotope Fractionation Between CO Gas and CO-Complex Solution

Jinzhou Du (Japan), Yuriko Ono, Masao Nomura, Yasuhiko Fujii


P21      A Chromatographical Experiment on Chlorine Isotope Effect of Aqueous System: A Basic Study on Cl-Bearing Pollutants

Masaaki Musashi (Japan), Takao Oi, Hans G. M. Eggenkamp, Yumio Yato


P22      A Study on the Isotope Effects of Lithium, Strontium and Zinc with Crown Ether Resins

Yasutoshi Ban (Japan), Masao Nomura, Yasuhiko Fujii


P23      Enrichment of 15N by Advanced Ion-Exchange Chromatography

Nguyen Anh Quang (Japan), Masao Nomura, Yasuhiko Fujii


P24      Geochemical Characteristics of the Eppawala Carbonatite Body, Sri Lanka: Limestone Assimilation by Carbonatitic Magma

Takashi Miyazaki (Japan), Toshiro Morikiyo, Moragalle W. K. Weerakoon, Hiroo Kagami, Kapila Dahanayake


P25      Preliminary Investigation of Isotope Hydrology of Precipitations and River Waters in Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Naoki Kano (Japan), Hiroyuki Aihara, Ryo Kozima, Hirosih Imaizumi


P26      Natural 13C and 15N Abundance of Field-Collected Fungi and Their Ecological Implications

Ayato Kohzu (Japan), Takahiro Tateishi, Munezo Takahashi, Eitaro Wada


P27      Seasonal Variations of Concentration and ƒÂ13C in Soil Air CO2 and Soil Respired CO2

Hiroshi A. Takahashi (Japan), Eiichi Konohira, Tetsuya Hiyama, Toshio Nakamura, Naohiro Yoshida


P28      Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Environmental Samples - Future Perspectives for Multi-Isotope Analysis

Tomoaki Okuda (Japan), Hideshige Takada, Hiroshi Naraoka



P29      Certified Reference Materials for Isotopic Analysis of Food Products

Claude Guillou (Italy), G. Remand, M. Lees