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International Symposium on Isotopomers (ISI)
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Message from Prof. N. Yoshida

Welcome to Naohiro Yoshida lab., Tokyo Tech.

  Our lab was founded in 1998 in Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech). It was constituted by a faculty, 2 Post Doctoral fellows, a secretary, 2 PhD course and 3 master course students at the start, and now in 2006, 10 or more staffs and 15 students are the members of our lab. Under the supervision of the Prof., each member belongs to Frontier Collaborative Research Center, Dept. of Environmental Science and Technology, Dept. of Environmental Chemistry and Engineering, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Science, Dept. of Chemistry in Tokyo Tech, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) or Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Several scientific projects have been conducted on isotopomers whose details will be described below, CREST, SORST at JST and a COE program at MEXT.

  The lab is open to any motivated scientists and students of the universities, the institutes, and the companies of the world. Research and education are conducted concerning the biogeochemical cycles of environmental materials with geochemical analysis of isotopes, especially stable isotopomers. Isotopomers are isotope containing molecular species, which means that isotope is defined on an atomic level whereas isotopomer is defined on a molecular level. The new methodology for the determination and analysis of isotopomers is proposed, developed, and applied to the molecules and materials of various interest. The new concept mass spectrometry and tunable diode laser spectroscopy were developed during execution of the Core Research for the Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST) Project sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Corp. (JST) from FY1996 to FY2001. The present project includes the core project of Solution Oriented Research for Science and Technology (SORST, JST) which is the extension and the promotion of the CREST project.

  Determination technologies are developed, they are applied to the environmental materials including greenhouse gases, and their cycles are analyzed accurately and precisely. The observation in a global scale with collaboration among domestic and international network is continued, natural, industrial, and agricultural sources are characterized, and their contributions are assessed quantitatively. The isotopomer compositions of anthropogenic origin is expected to be different from those of natural origin, and the technology innovation for the emission reduction will change isotopomer compositions, so that the data archives of various anthropogenic sources are necessary. The participation of industries help promote the precise analysis of the present developed technologies of Japanese industries for the emission reduction and the objective assessment will be established.

  The results will be published and peer reviewed for the isotopomer analysis to be identified as an accurate and precise analytical method which provides the useful parameter for the global assessment of the fulfillment of the Kyoto Protocol or other regulations. The determination and analysis of isotopomers help understand not only the history of environmental molecules but that of various molecules of interest in the wider field including food authenticity and biomedical applications. The International Symposium on Isotopomers (ISI) have been firstly organized and maintained by our group.

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